SMS Service™

Your business can make use of the SMS service™ to make essential announcements to your customers. It can be used to communicate promotional messages, launch new products, and encourage customers to make additional purchases. 
By using the SMS Service, your business will have access to a platform that puts you in direct contact with your customers, allowing you to send text messages & Ringless Voicemail messages directly to their phones.

How to go SMS Service™?

Connect with your entire audience in minutes by creating announcements, marketing alerts, and coupons. Create effective follow up campaigns while opening the communication channels for new and existing clients.

Login to SMS Service™

Joining SMS Service™ gives you access to a unique software allowing you to send voicemails to the recipients inbox.

Record Your Message

Attach a MP3 or Wav file or use our call in recording hotline within your software.

Contact List

Upload your CSV data sheet directly into SMS Service™. Most CRM Dialers allow you to export contacts ready for upload.

What Does SMS Service™ Do?

SMS Service is designed to help your business communicate with your customers. As communication is an essential element in the success of your business, it is essential to invest in tools to communicate in a more efficient and effective manner.

Communication helps to keep your brand forefront in the minds of your potential customers. The right communication tools and messages will help you to plant the seeds of potential sales into the minds of your customers. By using SMS Service, this can be done simply through the use of a single text message.

By using SMS Service, you will be able to connect with any customers that have signed up to recieve marketing messages from you. Set up a contact list for previous customers who are interested in hearing about product announcements, receiving promotional coupons, getting alerts, or any other marketing.

SMS messages are an effective marketing tool that can be used to increase your company’s sales. They are a very good way of opening up channels of communications with your new and existing companies while reminding them of the presence of your brand.

SMS messages are an unobtrusive way of communicating with a mass audience. While they are a great way of pushing your products and services, they are not a pushy marketing technique which serves to increase their effectiveness.

The Benefits Of SMS Service

SMS messages are an effective communication tool that forms an essential part of the marketing toolkit of many major companies and corporations. There are plenty of great reasons why this is the case. SMS is effective as it increases sales and ensures maximum profits.

Here are three of the main reasons that your business should be using an SMS Service as part of your marketing strategy:

SMS Allows A High Volume Of Messages to Be Delivered Via A Local Phone Number

One of the key benefits of using SMS Service™ is that it can be used to send a very large volume of SMS messages at once. Using a technique of bulk sending text messages will allow you to reach a vast number of contacts at once. That means that whether you have a small or a large contacts list, everyone that has signed up to recieve marketing materials can be sent a message via SMS Service™. This can be done without causing a strain on the system. SMS Service™ will be able to manage the intense marketing workload effectively. In addition to this, by using a local phone number, SMS Service™ will be able to gain a high response rate due to the trust gained in using a local number.

SMS Service™ Provides Ease of Use

Because SMS Service™ has a feature-rich user interface, it makes it very easy to navigate. The simplicity of the system makes it suitable for any business. Using the SMS Service™ will mean that there is no need to spend valuable time learning how to use the user interface; everything is straightforward and intuitive. This makes it an ideal addition to your business’s marketing toolkit.

SMS Service™ offers Competitive Pricing

In any business, there are budgetary requirements. Your marketing spend needs to be spread across several different tools and resources. As such, you’ll want a cost-effective SMS solution that allows you maximum reach for minimum spend.
Reducing your marketing costs will increase your profits overall while helping you drive more customers towards your brand, products, and services.
For this reason, SMS Service™ comes at a very competitive price. With plans that start at just $20 per month, you won’t have to spend much to see a big return on your investment.
The rate of the lowest monthly package offered by SMS Service™ is actually less than you’ll find anywhere on the market across 80 different countries.

Iphone & Android Delivery

What Does SMS Service™ Do?

You Can Automate Tedious Processes With SMS Service’s Zapier Integration

It may sound like a cliche, but it is always important to remember that in any business, time equals money. In order to make sure that your business is maximizing profitability and working in the most productive way possible, you need all of your day-to-day processes and tasks to take as little time as possible. This means looking for new ways to refine and automate the tasks that are carried out regularly.

Carrying out reviews into the time it takes to carry out processes is essential if you want your business to progress in other ways.

When using SMS Service, you will be able to streamline all of your day-to-day text marketing tasks by using Zapier Integration. By doing this, you will be able to create steps within your Customer Relationship Management software, webforms, and more, that will be able to trigger Mass Text Services to send the correct SMS to a specified group of marketing contacts.

SMS Service™ Pricing Plans

What Are The Benefits When Choosing Straight To Voicemail™?

United States

Send more than 1 million messages per month? We have a plan for you. Contact us!


9.9 ¢ Per Message
(Voicemail and SMS)


No Monthly Commitment
Fund Your Account
$ 50
Add More Anytime
Additional Messages
Per Message


2.9 ¢ Per Message
(Voicemail and SMS)


Monthly Recurring Subscription
Gives You
1,587 messages
Per Month
Additional Messages
Per Message


1.9 ¢ Per Message
(Voicemail and SMS)


Monthly Recurring Subscription
Gives You
11,628 messages
Per Month
Additional Messages
Per Message


1.7 ¢ Per Message
(Voicemail and SMS)


Monthly Recurring Subscription
Gives You
25,641 messages
Per Month
Additional Messages
Per Message


1.5 ¢ Per Message
(Voicemail and SMS)


Monthly Recurring Subscription
Gives You
57,143 messages
Per Month
Additional Messages
Per Message


1.4 ¢ Per Message
(Voicemail and SMS)


Monthly Recurring Subscription
Gives You
121,212 messages
Per Month
Additional Messages
Per Message


1.2 ¢ Per Message
(Voicemail and SMS)


Monthly Recurring Subscription
Gives You
275,862 messages
Per Month
Additional Messages
Per Message


as low as
$ 0.004 Per Message
(Rates Vary By Tier)

$ 100+

Minimum Monthly Commitment
Perfect For
High Volume
Bring Your Own
SIP Trunks

See why millions of businesses choose SMS Service™

Why Choose SMS Service™?

These days, all businesses operate in an increasingly saturated market. This is true of all types of businesses. Text messaging is one of the best tried-and-tested ways of getting your message across to your customers.

Email marketing often offers a limited response. With marketing messages overcrowding many people’s inboxes, bulk sent emails often get lost in the crowd. Not all companies send out messages via text.

Text messages are more likely to get seen and read meaning that when you send out a bulk text, you’ll be able to reach a wide audience without having to spend out on TV, billboard, or radio advertising.

In addition to this, you can start your SMS marketing campaign in minutes.

SMS Service™ Messaging Thread

SMS Service™ Dashboard

Creating a SMS Service™ Campaign is Easy

There are a few short stages involved in an SMS marketing campaign using SMS Services. The process will include:

  • Uploading your contact lists
  • Creating the content for your messages
  • Specifying your delivery schedule
  • Reviewing the performance of the messages

SMS Service™ Powerful Features

With our traditional voicemail drop, the RVM services that we provide are the most popular option. It’s a method of delivering audio messages straight to the phone. Instead, it simply appears as a missed call and will show the voicemail feature that is available on most devices nowadays.

Local Number Pooling

By using SMS Service™ local number pooling feature you will be able to send out messages to customers in a local area, these can be sorted by their area code. This will help to improve the response rate of your campaigns.

Detailed Analytics

Analytics will provide you with the information that you need. They’ll tell you whether the message that you’ve sent out is a success or a failure. Using analytical tools, you’ll be able to track messages that have been delivered, see inbound texts and calls, and see which carriers have blocked your messages. This will help you make the right choices in the future.

Conversational Threads (Inbox)

Communication doesn’t just need to be one way. With SMS Service™ it is possible to start conversational threads so that you can reply directly to customers on an individual basis. You can also create canned messages that provide answers to frequently asked questions.

Drip Delivery

If you send out a bulk message and all of your customers respond straight away, it can overwhelm your customer service department. To avoid this, we’ve included a drip delivery system that will schedule staggered messages to go out throughout the day rather than all at once. You can set a limit on the number of messages that you’re sending out each hour, and we’ll make that this is not exceeded.

International Delivery Service

When customers call you back in response to a message, it can be at any time of the day or the night. If your lines aren’t operating, these customers can be directed to an automated voice recording that can provide information that they need and encourage them to call back when the lines are open again.

SMS Forwarding

Do you want customers to be able to reply, but not see the number that you’re sending your messages from? You can have your responses forwarded directly to your phone. This will help make sure that your privacy is maintained.

See why millions of businesses choose Straight To Voicemail™!

Call Forwarding

If a customer wants to call following a text, then using call forwarding will ensure that you receive the call, but that your number is kept private.

Bulk Contact Uploads

You can integrate our SMS service™ with your CRM or lead generation software. We use a CSV format, that allows us to import millions of contacts from your system to ours. We can also handle the complexities of international number formats.

Global Delivery

If you need to send messages out to international customers, we can send texts to over 80 countries. For more information, visit our pricing section.


Your SMS can be integrated into your CRM and sales workflows. By doing this, you can automatically trigger SMS with over 2000 integrations. You can add SMS to your CRM and sales workflows. This will allow you to trigger SMS with over 2000+ Integrations automatically. Pair SMS with your current power dialer workflow and you'll have the ultimate sales tool.

SMS Autoresponder

If you want to send out automated responses to your customers after they have replied to your messages, you can do this. These responses can be triggered by keywords from frequently asked questions on the subject of the messages that you send out.

MMS Messaging

In addition to sending SMS, you can also send out rich content MMS messages which include videos and pictures.


SMS Service™ provides an open API capable of sending high volume SMS and ringless voicemail

Marketing Messages That Convert

Did you know?

The majority of text messages are read within half an hour of being received. Statistically, text messages have one of the highest open rates across all marketing channels, while email marketing and ringless voicemail see about 20% open rates. You can see why thousands of companies have adopted SMS Service™.


Join Today and See The Benefits that SMS Service™ Holds for Your Business!

Make use of this highly effecient and affordable way of directly engaging your customers today. There is a wide range of tools available to manage your successful text campaign, including lead generation tools that you can use in email campaigns.


Membership is hassle free, and cancellations are free. Register now to make use of the powerful SMS Service™ portal.

See why millions of businesses choose SMS Service™

Common Questions About Straight To Voicemail™

If you have other questions, please contact us.

SMS Service™ is a bulk texting platform catering to small and large businesses, sending messages to over 80 countries and counting.
We have plans ranging from $50-$4000 depending on the volume your business needs.
No, SMS Service™ is a monthly automatic subscription that can be cancelled anytime.
Login and click pricing plans, downgrade your plan to pay as you go. This will remove you from your monthly membership.
Yes, we provide ringless voicemail and text blasting services to more than 80 countries.
After signing up, you can be sending mass texts in minutes.